Our Community PV Projects

In 2011, we had two photovoltaic systems installed: one on St Giles Hospice and one on the Village Hall in Whittington, near Lichfield in Staffordshire. We funded these installations through a community share offer, which raised the £54,000 necessary to cover the cost. Both systems are registered to receive the government’s Feed-in Tariff and any financial surplus made from the project is directed to the Community Fund 

In September 2016, our second project was completed: having raised over £335,000 this time via a community share offer, we were able to have PV systems installed on seven properties – including Stafford and Royal Stoke hospitals – belonging to the University Hospitals of North Midlands NHS Trust, and an additional system on St Giles Hospice, Whittington. The surplus from this scheme is aimed at an innovative project, which we call Saving Lives with Solar, to help those in the area affected by health conditions related to fuel poverty. You can read more about it here


The team at St Giles hospice, Whittington