Low carbon groups meet the Secretary for State, Ed Davey.

Robin Tasker (left) and Kate Sadler (centre) meet Ed Davey, Secretary of State.

Low carbon groups met Ed Davey, the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change at an event in Birmingham on 6th May. Kate Sadler and Robin Tasker represented Southern Staffordshire Community Energy, Whittington and Fisherwick Environment Group (WFEG) and Low Carbon Lichfield (LoCaL).

A discussion of projects completed by SSCE, WFEG and LoCaL and a chance to raise our concerns with the Green Deal process.

The event was set up so that the Secretary for State and the Cabinet Member for Health and Well-Being, Steve Bedser, could meet with social enterprises and community groups to discuss how such groups can support the roll out of the Green Deal and play an active role in tackling fuel poverty and the ill-health associated with cold homes. The Green Deal is the Coalition Government’s initiative to support the implementation of energy efficiency measures to households and businesses without the need for upfront costs and is due to be introduced later this year.

SSCE, together with WFEG and LoCaL, is committed to helping our communities receive high quality energy efficiency services that result in significant economic and carbon savings. The groups are keen to see that the Green Deal infrastructure will leave opportunities for smaller local businesses to get involved. SSCE highlighted the need for Green Deal property assessments to be carried out by independent assessors and that the work carried out under the scheme is tailored to individual households.

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