Our Previous Community PV Projects

Two community owned photovoltaic systems were installed in December 2011 in Whittington (St Giles Hospice and Whittington Village Hall).  They are both eligible for the government's Feed in Tariff scheme. You can login to check out how the PV is performing Our online monitoring system is connected to both arrays and is now up and running, allowing performance data to be viewed from wherever there is a connection to the internet.  Members are welcome to access the system and check out how much electricity is being generated that day, or to view weekly and monthly totals from July to date. Simply input login details as follows: username - stgiles; password - hospice. Performance from Dec 2011 to March 2016: PV Generation Chart 2016
The team at St Giles hospice, Whittington

The team at St Giles Hospice, Whittington

Whittington Village Hall

Whittington Village Hall


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